Frequently asked questions

What is MockUpload?
MockUpLoad is a site developed for pharmaceutical companies to upload mockups for outer packaging.
What are mockups used for - where are they published?
The mockup is processed digitally and can then be displayed as a perspective image of the package in question. At the moment the package pictures are published at Indlæ and at the app “Apotek”
How is the security?
All files uploaded are encrypted immediately.
How do I delete mockups when they are out of date?
You can delete an old mockup yourself, if you wish. If you do not delete the mockup, the mockups will be deleted automatically, six months after they have expired from Medicinpriser.
Can others access our mockups?
No, only your company has access to your mockups.
Which mockups should be uploaded?
We recommend that you first upload mockups for packs containing tablets and capsules.
Is it mandatory to upload mockups?
No, it is not mandatory, but an offer to you to have packaging information displayed along with information about the medicine.
Can we have several users from the same company?
Yes. Contact Christoffer at, and he will give you access to the website.
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Who is behind MockUpload?
MockUpload is published by is part of Danish Pharmaceutical Information which is a subsidiary of Lægemiddelindustriforeningen Lif.
Any other questions?
Contact us at 📧