About Mockupload


MockUpload is a tool for pharmaceutical companies to upload mockups for outer packaging.

The mockup is processed digitally and can then be displayed as a perspective image of the package in question.

Why perspective pictures?

The overall reason for presenting perspective images to customers, healthcare professionals and patients, is patient safety.

The pictures will be used:

  • At indlægssedler.dk along with the PIL
  • in the Danish Pharmacies Associations (Apotekerforeningens) app "Apotek", for patient safety and sales purpose.
  • at pharmacies; to answer questions from customers concerning the package and validate the medicine before retrieved from the pharmacy robots.
  • in tools and systems in the municipality healthcare and nursing homes; to visualize the list of medicines to support a safe administration process.

You, as a mockup-owner, have access to, and are of course welcome to, download your own package perspective images once it/they have been processed.

MockUpload is developed and hosted by Medicin.dk.

Mockup uploaded to Mockupload
Mockup turns into 3D image